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Cost-Effective Business Processes and Joy at Work

HIVE is a digital agency. We help organizations in improving their communications and raising their profitability on the basis of the Bitrix24 intranet platform in order to save your employees’ time, meet your project dates, increase transparency and help colleagues get together!

Our Expertize

Technical skills are not all it takes to make the intranet as useful for your business as Bitrix24 can be. We look into your business’s processes, identify growth points and develop solutions to the actual problems.
As a Bitrix24 Golden Partner we are experts of implementation, configuration and fine-tuning. When your intranet is up and running we keep improving it to deliver the most valuable functionality to boost your business.
Training for key users who can then train their colleagues aligned with implementation, we help clarify the value of Bitrix24 and demonstrate how it makes work easier and improves results. Your employees will learn how to get things done faster and make work far more enjoyable using Bitrix24.

Analytics & Consulting

Analyzing and understanding the business maturity stage, we develop a personal development strategy for Bitrix24 and implement the intranet with tools that meet the requirements of the current situation.
Basic Level
Free cloud version of Bitrix24. Tools recommended:
  • CRM. We adjust the automated sales processes according to business specifics,
    implement basic types of reports, configure simple business processes for lead
    and transaction management and integrate them with the forms on your website.
  • Tasks. Transition form e-mail task setting to structured tasks in the intranet.
  • Communication. Business chat, video calls, activity stream, and mobile app.
  • Time tracking and performance reports.
  • Synchronization with financial and ERP software.

Advanced level
Paid cloud version or a local version of Bitrix24. Tools recommended:
  • CRM. Complex business processes, various business software synchronization.
  • Universal lists as a data storage system.
  • Tasks & projects. Task structure development & automation.
  • Customized reports relevant to departmental and company processes.
  • Communication. Chats attached to projects or departments, chat bots, chat automation.
  • Cloud storage. The file system used in a structured collaborative manner.
  • Knowledge management. The knowledge base and training systems are developed.

Master level
Local version of Bitrix24. Tools recommended:
  • Complex business processes documented and maintained. This is applicable to companies that run a process management department.
  • Synchronization with various accounting software.
  • Interface changes according to the business goals.
  • Communication system largely formed and documented, including task setting and discussions. Synchronized with other systems like GITHUB & JIRA or SLACK.
  • Analytics system and employee efficiency reports from the portal. The reports are based on time tracking in tasks, meetings, etc.
  • Value chain tracked right from the first request from a customer.

Tailored Implementation

We provide a complete service starting from Bitrix24 deployment at the server (for a local version). We configure access rights and company structure, arrange data migration, and assist your employees in getting to know the system’s functions and benefits.
Tailoring Bitrix24 in accordance with your objectives, we:
  • Adjust all the crucial parameters through the administration panel with no changes to the core code.
  • Configure business processes on the basis of the standard Bitrix24 operations.
  • Develop add-ons and install them to the Bitrix24 module list. This is normally done to implement advanced functionality missing in the standard solution.
User interface design:
  • We remaster the portal interface in case it is required to achieve your business goals. Often it includes alignment of the look and feel of your brand guidelines.
  • Edit the functionality available, normally keeping the Bitrix24 logic untouched, only changing the way the user views and uses the functionality.
  • Edit the core, modules and components and change the Bitrix24 logic where required.
  • Continuously test and improve the workflow and operations.

Training & Fostering

We help your employees to uncover the value of Bitrix24 and provide both offline and online training to allow them to make the best of it. You can select a group course for your employees and/or individual training for managers of a certain level to help them adjust the tools to the actual objectives.
We also conduct workshops where your employees can learn a smarter approach to the task management and accomplishment:
  • Understanding the value of their own work and that of their colleagues.
  • A creative approach and design thinking while managing and accomplishing tasks.
Bitrix24 benefits
  • Save Your Management Costs
  • Engage Customers & Increase LTV
  • Easy to Start and Scale

Corporate Social Network. Take advantage of the single interaction space where employees solve all their daily tasks. Have your activity stream, instant notifications, announcements, likes, badges, photo galleries, extranet and more in one place, integrated with social networks & e-mail.

Lossless Communication. Welcome your colleagues to the cozy atmosphere of Bitrix24, where they can keep each other up to date without losing a single item. They can exchange feedback on effectiveness and instantly improve performance. Corporate messenger, group chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, mobile app, file sharing and other tools help them feel together, wherever they are.

Task & Project Management. Make collaboration transparent and measurable, set tasks with clear checklists, use task templates, adjust their parameters, visualize the task flow using Gantt charts, arrange work groups, manage stakeholders’ roles, track efforts by worker, distribute employees’ workload and automate reporting. Let your customers set tasks via email and enter the extranet as users to take part in the work process!

Internal Productivity Analysis. Measure the efficiency of your employees and processes using advanced analytical instruments.

Constant Availability of Files. Bitrix24 offers you cloud storage of files, collaborative editing, discussions, document tracking and smart search, as well as integration with Google Docs & Microsoft Office Online in order to have all sensible data available wherever you find yourself.

CRM. Track potential customers’ journeys and monitor the preferences of loyal customers. Have your customer communication channels integrated with the CRM, including IP telephone, e-mails and your website. Bitrix24 is so good at customer relationship management that some largely consider it as a CRM system.

Sales Efficiency Analysis. Study and widen your conversion funnels by tracking your leads, requests, quotes, offers, transactions, billing, and payments. The funnels are visualized to drive better decisions on each product, customer and segment.

Omnichannel Customer Communication. Messages from multiple channels gathered in one place, queued and distributed amongst your employees. The customer's’ contact details and relationship history are saved automatically to the CRM.

A Single Point of Contact. Use your portal as a hub, synchronized with e-mail servers and 35+ applicaions, including popular messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, etc). Keep track of every single incoming message and display the reply to the customer in their prefered channel.

Start for Free. The management system perfectly fits the needs of startups and small businesses.

Task & Project Management. Make collaboration transparent and measurable, set tasks with clear checklists, use task templates, adjust their parameters, visualize the task flow using Gantt charts, arrange work groups, manage stakeholders’ roles, track efforts by worker, distribute employees’ workload and automate reporting. Let your customers set tasks via email and enter the extranet as users to take part in the work process!

SaaS or a Local Roll-Out. .The cloud version allows a quick or instant start and is well applicable to businesses with non-formalized or partially formalized business processes. The locally deployed platform allows deep customization and may be thought of as more secure. The cost of the ownership of a cloud and the local versions tend to become equal within two or three years.

Personalization The functions and processes in your portal can be customized or re-configured according to the changing needs of your business.

Multi-Language Portal. Each employee can select the interface language. The portal can belong to various domain zones like .com or .eu. Some parameters can be changed according to the country’s culture and customs, including the date and time format, name format, first weekday, etc.

Manage with Comfort, Wherever You Are. Use the company structure, surveys for employees, access rights, gamification, virtual calendar, e-mail accounts @bitrix24 or @ your domain and much more.

Reasons to Entrust HIVE with your Profitability

At HIVE, we have been developing 1C-Bitrix based commercial websites for 11 years, where we have gained the expertise and proficiency with regards to commercial functions and process management. When the management system Bitrix24 was first released in 2011, our company was among the first to start implementing and configuring the system’s local & cloud builds. All the crucial competencies were acquired directly from the product developer 1C-Bitrix.
We are a 1C-Bitrix Golden Partner
Joining Queue-100.png
All developers are 1C-Bitrix certified
Our own and the customers’ best practices of using and developing the product are utilized.
We provide full-cycle IT consulting from situation analysis and business objectives to particular functions.
Strategy Board-100 (1).png
A vast experience at implementation and training helps us motivate, engage, and facilitate transition from old tools.
We deeply analyse our customer’s requirements and offer optimal solutions pursuing the end users’ comfort. The quality of the program code it guaranteed.

Our Customers


Our headquarters is in St. Petersburg, Russia, but we work with customers across and beyond Russia using our portal extranet. It makes our work as transparent as if we were sat in your office.

The way it works:

  1. A meeting (offline or online) to discuss your business and its processes and offer you our vision and solution options.
  2. Primary Analytics. After the meeting we create an individual offer which requires a detailed analysis of your business and the problems that need to be tackled first.
  3. Discussion. We go through the offer together, plan for the initial activities and sign the contract.
  4. Data Aggregation & Concept. We collect data, including your employees’ requirements and shape your portal’s concept to generally describe what functionality will be in your Bitrix24 and how it is going to work. We also figure out the benefits your business will gain; this concept often contains technical characteristics.
  5. Implementation and customization, if required. We set up the administration panel. Create your workflows online. Develop new functionality. Customize existing functionality. Customize the core, modules, and components. In specific cases we reconsider the whole Bitrix24 logic.
  6. Training. We familiarize your employees with the interfaces. We display the benefits of a correct Bitrix24 utilization. We accept comments and suggestions. We process feedback.
  7. Improvement & development.